10 New Travel Advisories Issued By The U.S. In February

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The pandemic has caused disruptions to travel plans for millions around the world, with either flight cancellations, quarantine orders or travel restrictions in effect for most nations. Whilst US citizens face a general warning not to travel, travel to specific nations come with more severe travel warnings imposed than others, thanks to the US Department of State’s travel advisory system.

Yesterday, the state department issued a raft of changes to travel advisory notices for several countries, such as India, Bhutan, Mauritius, Czech Republic, Ghana, Portugal, The Kyrgyz Republic, Montenegro and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Here’s more information about those changes.


Level 2 Updates – Informational For Travelers

The US’s travel advisory systems comes in four levels, with Level 1 being the least severe warning and Level 4 being the most severe. Yesterday saw two updates in the Level 2 category – labelled as “Exercise Increased Caution” – for India and Mauritius.


According to the information page, India has been handed a Level 2 warning due to Covid-19, crime and terrorism. The page reminds travelers that businesses are open, but may be operating under restrictions, and that there may be quarantine measures or entry requirements in place for certain U.S. travelers. Travelers are explicitly warned not to travel to Jammu or Kashmir due to terrorism and civil unrest, or to travel within 10km of the Pakistan border due to the potential for armed conflict.


Mauritius has been handed a Level 2 warning due to the lack of available Covid-19 data for the country. The advisory page also states that all travelers must quarantine, and that the countries has resumed its transportation options and business operations.

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Level 3 Updates – What Travelers Should Know

Yesterday also saw five countries handed a Level 3 travel advisory warning, which tells travelers to “Reconsider Travel”. Those countries are Bhutan, Czech Republic, Ghana, Portugal and The Kyrgyz Republic.

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Each of these countries has received a Level 3 warning due to Covid-19 within their borders. Bhutan’s page warns of the limited transportation options available, and that some businesses are operating, albeit with significant restrictions. The Kyrgyz Republic’s warning reminds travelers that land borders are closed, with a limited number of flights available.


Though Czech Republic, Ghana and Portugal all have general Level 3 warnings for travel, they also come with a Level 4 warning from the CDC, which means there are very high level of Covid-19 in these countries. Ghana’s warning states that businesses are operating and that the country is currently allowing air transportation, but also warns about the risk of crime in the country. The Czech Republic’s page states that some businesses are in operation with restrictions, whilst Portugal’s page informs travelers that only essential businesses are open and that U.S. travelers face a series of restrictions, such as testing and quarantine measures.


Level 4 Updates – What Travelers Should Know

Level 4 represents the most severe level of warnings that the US Department of State offers, and yesterday saw updates to the category in the form of updates Montenegro and the Turks and Caicos Islands’ pages.


The website warns that travelers to both the Turks and Caicos Islands and Montenegro may experience a range of restrictions, such as stay at home orders, border closures and business closures. The official warning label for these countries is “Do Not Travel”. At present, there are currently 30 countries that have been given Level 4 travel advisories in total.

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