12 Step Foreplay Strategy for Men

12 Step Foreplay Strategy for Men

First of all, your foreplay will start around 6:00 PM and last for at least two hours. If you follow the plan, your woman should be begging for you to make love to her by 8 PM.

Take the pressure off of yourself to provide ground breaking foreplay. Spend a little time and effort to enhance your evening.

1. Make sure the apartment/house smells good. You can pick up scented candles at the grocery store. Don’t spend a lot of time on this, just purchase a scent that you like and make it a large candle.

2. Set the candle in the middle of the dinning room table or the coffee table, depending on where you will serve dinner.

3. No, you do not have to cook. Order from a local restaurant, have it delivered, or go pick it up. If a full five course meal is out of your budget, purchase five different items. Place in the oven or the microwave so you can warm it before dinner.

4. Put on some music. No loud rock or R/B. Jazz. Kenney G or Miles Davis. Get the baby oil that you bought from the drug store and the bubble bath and place on the counter in the bathroom.

5. If you have a table cloth put it on the table. Then place the candle on the table cloth. Flowers might be nice, but not necessary. Clean up the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. These areas will become your stage from which you will perform.

6. If married, send the kids to your mother-in-law. If single, pick up your date or wait for her to arrive.

7. No television. This is her time, make her feel special. If you can’t go through the evening without the TV being on, at least turn the sound way down.

8. Once your date/wife arrives, dim the lights. Ask her how her day was. You may not want to hear who did what, but ask her anyway. In other words, have a conversation. Slowly turn the conversation towards your romantic evening. Whisper something sweet, then feed her.

9. Serve dinner by candlelight. Serve wine with dinner, just to help get her in the mood. It doesn’t have to be an expensive wine, but make sure you have to use a cork screw to open!

10. Then move the party to the bathroom for a bubble bath. Wash her back, and use your imagination.

11. After the bubble bath, escort your mate to the bedroom. If you really want something special from her, carry her to the bedroom! It may be a good idea to make sure the bedroom is warm.

12. Remember to bring your candle to each destination within the house. Once in the bedroom, massage her entire body with the baby oil. (Or you can purchase body oils for sensual massages) If you have a problem massaging the entire body, then massage her feet.

Do not follow through just yet. Tease her. Touch her, come close, withdraw, come close again, withdraw. Every time she thinks she knows what you will do next, do something different, until finally she surrenders.

Note: Please don’t answer your phone or text message anyone during this process.


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