Daleville High School’s Camden Leisure prepares IHSAA state sectionals

DALEVILLE, Ind. — Camden Leisure still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, only that he’ll be out on the court if at all able.

The Daleville boys basketball senior was taken to a hospital Tuesday morning to treat stomach pain, a problem he’s dealt with for the past year, but this was the most severe incident yet.

“I was just shaking bad, sweating, I could barely walk. I was downstairs and I had to call my mom to come get me,” Leisure said. “When I got (to the hospital) I had a 35 heart rate … I went through the CT scan, they still haven’t found anything, so I have an appointment Monday to go see someone special for it.”

Leisure is suffering from gastrointestinal issues and being tested for Celiac Disease, although he’s delayed seeing a specialist to be diagnosed until after the season. He puts the team above even his health, and was back out on the court the same night after his Tuesday morning scare.