ORRA Launches a New Line of Premium Travel Gear Designed by Combat Veteran and Airline Pilot, Steering Responsible Travel and Global Citizenry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / When the world reopens for global tourism, travelers can carry a clean conscience on their journey with ORRA, a newly launched line of travel gear dedicated to environmentally responsible travel and global citizenry. High-Performance, Sustainably Engineered Bags and Accessories Reduce Plastic Waste, Capture Carbon from the Atmosphere, and Return Clean Water to the Environment, Creating Positive Impact with Every Purchase.

The ocean-centric, eco-travel gear company was founded by Ryan Thompson, a combat veteran and airline pilot determined to help people travel in a smarter way with a lighter footprint. While flying over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s largest accumulation of ocean plastic located between California and Hawaii, Thompson faced the stark realization of environmental destruction. Inspired to blend his passion for travel with ocean preservation, he created ORRA. The new line of premium travel goods represents an innovative response in the fight against plastic pollution and environmental decline.

“We must collectively change our habits, rethink the way things are done, and foster sustainable methods of moving about and preserving the world,” Thompson said. “ORRA gear simultaneously enhances the journey while allowing users to carry a clean conscience – and we are excited to bring this line to market, which will have an immediate impact on our customers and the world they inhabit.”

The collection includes seven new products designed for modern travelers and active lifestyles, combining greater function and quality with high style and thoughtful versatility that can seamlessly transition from urban workplaces to backcountry treks. Bags and accessories are sustainably engineered using recycled plastic waste and algae harvested from polluted waterways.

In addition to earth-friendly materials, carefully considered features were sourced from and tested by professional travelers, lifestyle experts, and environmentalists to ensure more desirable, high-performance gear for the 2021 launch. The products ensure users’ essentials are organized, accessible, and protected while offering a path to fulfill a personal sustainability mission, without compromising performance and style.

“Brands are beginning to respond to growing consumer demand for sustainable products – and until ORRA, the market for high-performance sustainable travel goods remained underserved,” Thompson said. “As our community prepares to endeavor out and embrace global travel again, we are more aware of the impact our movement creates. ORRA travel gear is a long-awaited solution to help change the way we consume and move throughout the world.”

Each ORRA product provides positive environmental impact, with consumer-facing data such as the number of plastic bottles recycled in making each item, as well as the amount of CO2 captured and number of filtered gallons of water returned to the environment.

The reduction of plastic is assisted by ORRA fabrics that use Repreve® polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, and BLOOM™ foam that harnesses algae to transform air and water pollution into a replacement for standard petroleum-based EVA foam. These suppliers capture similar consumer-facing data for each ORRA product.

For more information, visit www.WeAreORRA.com. Follow ORRA on Instagram @WeAreORRA and Facebook.

About ORRA:
ORRA is an ocean-centric, eco-travel gear company dedicated to responsible travel and global citizenry. It designs high-performance, sustainably engineered travel goods using the latest in creative sourcing and upcycled and organic materials, including fabrics made with recycled plastic bottles and foam made with algae harvested from polluted waterways. ORRA is comprised of skillful, impact-driven members set on changing the way things are done and fostering sustainable methods of moving through the world. It is one of the few brands in the industry that has adopted ethical sourcing and manufacturing as a core part of its DNA.

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