7 Hacks For booking Your Dream Honeymoon

Now that you are done with wedding planning, and your special day was nothing short of a spectacular day, what comes next? Of course, your elusive honeymoon, it makes sense that you would want to conclude the whole thing with the best honeymoon ever! Unfortunately choosing the best honeymoon destination can be an overwhelming experience. Before you start discussing who will be sleeping on which side of the bed, the most important conversation you need to have with your better half should be about your honeymoon. There is a myriad of factors to consider including the budget, the type of trip, the budget, etc. Here are some hacks to guide you:

1. The Timing

First things first, when do you want to go for your honeymoon. While many newlyweds will want to go for a honeymoon immediately after proclaiming their vows, this doesn’t always have to be the case. You can opt to take a minute, get the wedding hangover out of the way and book your honeymoon. Choosing to wait can provide you with time to get your finances in order, help reduce the stress and allow you to book the best honeymoon without a rush. Moreover, you’ll need to consider factors such as the destination and the weather.

2. Your Budget

Your honeymoon can be considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But how much should your adventure cost you? Before you start checking out honeymoon destinations, it would be wise to have a budget in place to guide you on how much to spend. Setting up a budget not only save your time researching destination but also allows you to pick hotels, trips, etc. that suit you.

3. How Far Do You Want To Travel?

If you reside in Ireland or the UK, you might be considering New Zealand as your ideal honeymoon destination. New Zealand has a lot to offer for newlyweds including scenic views and gorgeous scenery. However, when you are planning a two weeks honeymoon, New Zealand might not be such a great option since the flight is typically 23 hours long and you have to deal with the jet lag and time difference. In that case, you might consider Spain which is much closer to the UK and book with The Spain Event to simplify the booking process. When considering where you want to travel, always think about the time period more than where you want to go. It’s more critical to newlyweds to carve out time to spend together.

4. What Are Your Priorities?

Regardless of the type of honeymoon you want, it is imperative that you decide how much touring and exploring you want to do on your honeymoon. If you are planning a cross-country road trip or perhaps touring a new city, don’t forget to set some time apart for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company on the beach or when stargazing.

5. Consider School Holidays

Your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be a teacher for you consider school holidays when booking your honeymoon. Bear in mind that during school holidays, many families will be heading out to popular destinations. As a result, the destination will be full of children playing around enjoying their holiday, and your honeymoon will likely be more expensive. Want to experience an X-rated honeymoon? Consider avoiding booking your honeymoon during school holidays.

6. Get Your Jabs Sorted

If you are planning an around-the-world safari for your honeymoon, don’t forget about the jabs required before visiting your chosen destination. Do your due diligence regarding the jabs needed, and then book an appointment with your physician. It would be devastating to have some ailment spoil your once-in-a-lifetime get away. So it’s imperative that get your jabs sorted before you travel. Moreover, if antimalarial tablets are needed, take them before you go away since they are often required to be taken a couple of days before departure.

7. Opt For Multiple Destinations

While the choice of your destination will depend on you and your partner’s needs, it’s always best to consider multiple destinations or hotels for your dream honeymoon. Multiple destinations allow you to experience the best of each option allowing you to spend some quality time together while still enjoying an action-packed honeymoon.