8 tips to travel around the UK cheaply


The UK has been one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe for ages. However, it is generally believed that it is also the most expensive, especially for foreigners whose currency is weak in comparison to the pound. Yet you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to travel around the UK. The key is smart planning. There are several ways to cut down travel costs like looking for deals on vacation rentals and cheap vacations for two deals online. 

England is rich in culture and history. The most attractive site for most travellers to visit in Great Britain is London. But as you move away from the capital, there is rich scenery and the beauty of country estates to marvel. Also, the cost of travel and accommodation drops as you move out of the capital. There are historic cities like Cambridge and seaside locations to see throughout the UK.

Advance booking

Are you planning to travel by bus, train or plane? People find that it is mostly cheapest to travel by train in the UK. And if you book your train ticket at least 12 weeks in advance, you are likely to find very good ticket deals. The same goes for flight travel. Follow the six weeks in advance booking rule and save on transport.

Split your ticket

It is a flaw in the system, but if you split your train ticket between two destinations into stops at more stations, you can save as much as nine pounds. And the plus point is you don’t even have to get off the train! 

Be flexible and book tickets from lesser-known stations as compared to major stations. This will save you cost as well. 

Bus travel

You can find bus travel to be cheaper than train travel but keep in mind that bus travel can take much longer than the train. You can check out websites like Megabus and National Express for cheap fares and deals. 


Ridesharing is a relatively cheaper way to travel. Companies like BlaBlaCar have made it quite easy to journey through the UK cheaply. Just put in your destination specifications into their application and see what plan the ridesharing company has to offer. 

Cheap accommodation

Find websites that offer cheap deals and discounts on hotels. Look at YHA, guest houses or Airbnb to find the best possible deals and accommodation throughout your journey. Hostelworld and Booking websites can help you out in getting great deals on lodgings.

Off-season travel

Travelling through England between January and March can be wet and cold but if you are up for the experience and want to save a few bucks, it’s the best time to avail yourself of travel and accommodation deals

Plan your meals

You can save money on meals by looking for lunch coupons and deals. Another great piece of advice is to cook at least one meal yourself. Keep a bottle of water with you to save costs. VoucherCloud is a great app to search for deals in restaurants near your area.

Find cheap attractions

There are plenty of free things to do in England like visiting museums and galleries. You can also visit the beautiful parks and do cycling as well as part of your activities. 


There are a lot of travel companies and agencies online that provide travel deals. The best thing to do is to read reviews online and see what real tourists have to say and get their feedback. Nobody can guide you better than the one who has already experienced what you are about to.