Air Force Set for Wing Open Championships

USAF ACADEMY, Colo. – The Air Force boxing team heads under the lights of Clune Arena this Wednesday, (March 10), when it hosts the finals of the 2021 Wing Open Tournament at 6:30 p.m. (MT). The 63rd edition of the annual boxing championship, which will include 12 contests, will be streamed live on the Falcons’ YouTube page.
Due to state and local restrictions from the ongoing pandemic, spectators will not be allowed.
The lineup features five former champions, including junior Maddie Lloyd, a two-time Wing Open winner, who is returning to her winning 2019 weight division (139 pounds) after taking the 132-pound title last year. Senior Sharina Stayton (132 pounds, 2020 champion at 112 pounds), junior Sam Thompson (139 pounds, 2020 champion at 156 pounds) and sophomore Walker Morris (195 pounds, 2020 champion at 185 pounds) will also be changing weight classes this year, while juniors Maksat Omar (139 pounds) and Ymani Nesmith (165 pounds) will look to defend their respective titles.
The card also includes five boxers who are looking for their first titles, after claiming runner-up honors last year. Junior Ayaz Mustafa (147 pounds), sophomore Nicolas Nakaoka (156 pounds), sophomore Alan Long (165 pounds) and senior Luke Kilianski (175 pounds) were 2020 finalists in their current weight divisions, while sophomore Brooke Martin was the runner-up to Thompson in the 156-pound weight division.
Junior Lawrence Barrett will earn his third Wing Open title, by virtue of a walk-over at 125 pounds.
Although the National Collegiate Boxing Association has cancelled this year’s postseason tournaments, Air Force will travel to Cincinnati later this month (March 20) for competition.
119-lbs.: Noah Sherman (CS-10) vs Ryan Dinndorf (CS-18)
132-lbs. (w): Brooke Martin (CS-33) vs Sharina Stayton (CS-27)
132-lbs.: Don Angelo Piasecki (CS-05) vs Will Winstead (CS-09)
139-lbs. (w): Sam Thompson (CS-09) vs Maddie Lloyd (CS-16)
139-lbs.: Josh Payton (CS-23) vs Maksat Omar (CS-08)
147-lbs.: Tyler Dalzell (CS-30) vs Ayaz Musafa (CS-20)
156-lbs. (w): Mack Lucas (CS-15) vs Annelise Holland (CS-19)
156-lbs.: Nicolas Nakaoka (CS-02) vs Alan Manzo (CS-30)
165-lbs. (w): Allyah Marlett (CS-28) vs Ymani Nesmith (CS-27)
165-lbs.: Syd Reyes (CS-40) vs Alan Long (CS-31)
175-lbs.: Joseph Wilson (CS-10) vs Luke Kilianski (CS-34)
195-lbs.: Antonio Cruz (CS-03) vs Walker Morris (CS-27)