Allianz Partners formalizes Covid travel insurance: Travel Weekly

Allianz Partners has added epidemic coverage to its travel insurance products.

The company previously had temporary accommodations put in place related to the coronavirus pandemic but is now formalizing and adding on to those accommodations with the new Epidemic Coverage Endorsement.

According to Allianz, epidemic-related illness is now a covered reason to cancel or interrupt a trip, or seek reimbursement for emergency medical care, emergency medical transportation, change fees and loyalty points redeposit fees.

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Additionally, insured customers can cancel or interrupt their trip if they or their traveling companion has been individually ordered to quarantine, whether or not they are ill or have tested positive for a disease.

Allianz said being “individually ordered to quarantine” is defined as a traveler who has specifically been told by a government, public regulatory authority or a vessel’s captain to quarantine. It does not cover travel restrictions that apply broadly to a segment of a population, geographic area, building or vessel, nor based on where the person is traveling.

Interruption and travel delay benefits on some plans will also give clients coverage if they or their traveling companion is denied boarding due to suspected illness.

Allianz will provide trip interruption coverage if a customer or their traveling companion is individually ordered to quarantine while on their trip; they may be eligible for reimbursement of the cost of additional food, lodging and transportation. Those who are ill with Covid-19 while on a trip will not be subject to the typical five-day maximum limit for additional accommodation and transportation expenses, but the maximum daily limit and maximum trip interruption benefit still apply.