Best Time to Visit Bordeaux in the South-West of France

Do you think about traveling to Bordeaux but you are not sure what the ideal time for the trip is? You can find here the best answers for this question. While Christmas market enthusiasts will choose to go to Bordeaux in winter despite the quite gentle winter temperatures, wine lovers will prefer the end of May to attend the Bordeaux Weekend of the Grands Crus. You can also opt for the period between April and October if you want to enjoy the beautiful sunny days and a pleasant atmosphere for an urban getaway. It will all depends on your preferences and needs.

About the Climate in Bordeaux

Bordeaux in the Summer time

In summer, the climate is hot and relatively dry, even if the rainfall is not uncommon. In general, the rain is due to heat storms that often raise the temperatures at this time of the year. Unlike inland cities, the town enjoys temperate influences from the Atlantic Ocean.

Bordeaux in Winter

If winter is a rather mild season in Bordeaux, temperatures remain cool, especially in the evening. The perpetual presence of the wind and the rain actually gives a cooler feeling. Snowfall is scarce, unlike in most French towns.

Bordeaux in the Spring

In Bordeaux, spring is a very pleasant season but the rain remains very present. Temperatures are slowly rising after the cold of winter, and summer is slowly getting ready. 

Bordeaux in Autumn

The climate of Bordeaux in autumn, as on much of the west coast of France, is sad and unkind. The weather is rather gray, the wind is very frequent, and the disturbances are very important. It comes straight from the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from this almost constant humidity, temperatures are mild.

What to Do in Bordeaux?

Regardless of the season you choose to visit Bordeaux, there are places that you must see and activities that you should practice anyway. You are advised to walk the Sainte-Catherine rue and its shops that spread over a kilometer. Do not forget to discover monuments scattering throughout the city such as the Monument aux Girondins, the Grand Théâtre, the famous Pont de Pierre… Book your wine tour on to discover the best vineyards in an original way.

Once in Bordeaux, you will marvel at beautiful green spaces, except from the famous and exceptional vineyards stretched as far as the eyes can see. Thus, you will bale to stroll pleasantly in the botanical garden or in the floral park before exploring one or more of the very numerous and fascinating museums of the city. Depending on the date, you might even attend a great event such as the Short Films Festival or the Epicuriales, to name but a few.