Glamping is the new form of camping.

Glamping; pembiasan atas pakeman glamorous camping

Glamping has replaced the tediousness and dirty feeling that one can get when camping with something that offers more luxury and comfort. Luminablog provides some helpful tips on what glamping products are available to you and how they can make your glamping experience more glamorous. Specifically, Tido Home is a company that provides portable and luxurious bathrooms.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a combination of camping and glamour. While it is still a form of camping, you do not have to sacrifice your comfort in nature. Instead, you can experience the beauty of nature while having a solid roof over your head, a shower with hot water, and a toilet that works.

How glamping differs from camping

While the average camping trip consists of a tent, firewood, camping chairs, and some meat to cook, glamping takes the camping experience to another level. Glamping does have a notorious connotation of being an expensive form of camping; however, this is not always true. It simply means that it provides a bit more comfort than camping. For example, renting a cabin instead of pitching a tent would be considered glamping, as you would be able to sleep on a proper mattress, have running water, keep warm, and have a few other necessities that camping doesn’t offer. Furthermore, you will not have to sacrifice having that ‘camping’ experience; it will just be a more effortless holiday. 

A few cons to consider when glamping

With glamping offering both the ability to camp while doing it comfortably, one might think that there are no cons to this experience; however, there are a few to consider when deciding whether to camp or glamp. First, it is without a doubt that camping is naturally less expensive, and while you don’t have to glamp in luxury, it will still be more expensive than camping. In addition, If you are looking to escape from the world and want to have that authentic camping experience, glamping may not be the best fit. While it allows you to experience nature and the outdoors, it does not have the freedom that camping offers.

Essentials to bring when you go glamping 

Even though a bed, roof, running water, and a working toilet are available, you still need to pack some essentials when glamping. Depending on the accommodation you are staying in, you might be required to bring a sleeping bag, air mattress, pillows, blankets, or sheets. Moreover, take a map with you. While there will probably be wifi available, it never hurts to pack in a good old-fashioned map if you want to explore an area with no signal. In addition, when doing any kind of outdoor exploring, no matter if it is glamping, make sure to pack in a first aid kit as you may never know when you will need it. Lastly, pack in any flashlight or head torches, as even though you are glamping, the bathrooms and other amenities may not be under one roof; they could potentially be all around the glamping site. Therefore, when doing any sort of glamping or camping, make sure to read the fine print to ensure you pack the correct essentials.

Whether you prefer to be among the trees and camp alongside a babbling river or be able to lay on a steady mattress with a solid roof over you, the decision to either camp or glamp is entirely up to you. Although they do have one common denominator, you can still get away and experience the beauty that nature has to offer.