New Hawaiian Airlines in-flight video encourages visitors to ‘travel pono’

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaiian Airlines released a new in-flight video with an important message to incoming visitors: “Travel Pono.”

The video features scenic views and popular locations across all Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Airlines employees are featured in the video providing safety tips for travelers when hiking or enjoying island coastlines.

The video explains how tourists can show respect to the local culture and marine life during their visit.

“Our commitment to protecting Hawaii’s environment, culture and community remains steadfast. We have heard our community and employees’ voices and are happy to share our new in-flight Travel Pono video,” the company said in a post online.

”We are proud to serve as Hawaii’s hometown carrier and hope that this video will welcome our guests with valuable information that will enrich their experience on our Islands while helping to protect its natural resources and way of life.”

The airlines also posted a link to additional information on how visitors can travel pono.

The video comes amid growing dissatisfaction among Hawaii residents about the impacts of tourism on quality of life in the islands.

There was also concern earlier this year about visitor behaviors after several tourists were seen on social media harassing marine animals ― in incidents that angered residents.

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