Samsara Luggage Ready for the New Normal in Travel

Leaders in the travel sector are rethinking how to navigate a post-coronavirus landscape. Here’s how Samsara Luggage is filling in the gaps in the market with innovative travel technology.

NEW YORK, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The travel industry was forced to make big changes in 2020 to adapt to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the world coming to a virtual standstill, devoted nomads found ways to create movement through short road trips, extended workations and more. The new travel trends were coming at the industry at a fast pace and businesses needed to develop solutions for travelers looking to navigate through the challenges. As a brand that uses technology to keep travelers secure and in a perpetual state of motion, Samsara Luggage quickly launched products that provided the new layer of safety needed to keep travelers going. These products remain necessary even as we get closer to a new normal.

Preparation is key. Samsara Luggage discusses travel in the new normal and how small changes can have a big impact in travel safety. (PRNewsfoto/Samsara Luggage Inc)

Preparation is key. Samsara Luggage discusses travel in the new normal and how small changes can have a big impact in travel safety. (PRNewsfoto/Samsara Luggage Inc)

Travel passports, travel bubbles and such are giving us a better sense of what this next phase we are entering will look like from a global perspective. As the pandemic continues to reshape the travel experience, Samsara Luggage looks at the trends that will affect the individual as well as the industry as a whole. Here Samsara Luggage weighs in on the top trends and how its tech and travel products are designed for travelers to navigate the new normal upon us.

Smart Travel Defined: Creating Your Own Travel Bubble

The travel bubble is happening right now between countries that have successfully contained the coronavirus. It’s an effective strategy where foot traffic and touchpoints are contained as a safety measure as we transition to the next phase of a post-COVID world.

Taking from their playbook, individual travelers should create their own bubble as they begin to reenter the travel space. Is it possible to create a travel bubble when you’re accustomed to public workspaces and charging ports? The short answer is yes!

Samsara Luggage’s Carry-on suitcase was designed for business travelers to create their own workspaces throughout their trip. When deadlines are looming, there’s no time to find a place to sit, charge and work. This design is helping travelers create a bubble of their own as well. You can still prop up your laptop to work, but also dine, catch up on content or charge devices.

Samsara’s Carry-on is also a perfect fit for workation travelers. The Next Gen model set to launch in the next few months enhances the workation experience offering portable WiFi that works globally. This feature helps travelers remain in their bubble without having to seek cafes or high-traffic areas and be exposed while connected to public WiFi signals.

That means avoiding shared spaces and creating an individual space that keeps you apart while still getting out there. This manufactured bubble limits your contact with others to keep you safe in these first few months in the post-COVID travel landscape.

Nanotechnology Paves the Way

Technology comes in all different forms as demonstrated with nanotechnology. Keeping the outside world from entering your inside space has been one of the many challenges for travelers. Alternating between flights, taxis and hotel rooms can expose people to high-traffic touch points that leave them vulnerable to germs, bacteria and viruses.

Nanotechnology is a solution that Samsara Luggage incorporated into its Smart Weekender that launched in the late summer months of 2020. The Smart Weekender is treated with a special nanotech that prevents droplets and bacteria from developing on the fabric. This product was designed for commuters and essential travelers that were exposed to public spaces and needed a new type of protection.

The Smart Weekender is still relevant even in a post-pandemic world. As travel gains momentum, precautions will still be necessary. Ensuring that your personal items are protected while on-the-go can be an easy task with the Smart Weekender.

Travel Essentials Redefined

Travel essentials have gotten a makeover since the start of the pandemic. Added to the kit are protective items like facemasks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and alcohol wipes. Having these items handy will make keeping travelers protected and shared spaces sanitized a breeze.

Samsara expanded its product line to include the Essentials Kits at the start of the pandemic when the public was still cleared for travel. The intention was to provide commuters and essential travelers with a new layer of safety that our technology was not capable of offering. Once the shelter in place order was given, the demand for our Essentials kits increased. These kits remain a must-have item. They are sold individually and gifted to customers with purchase of the Carry-on or Smart Weekender.

Travel safety and security is the main part of Samsara’s brand DNA and informs their business and operations. This focus has allowed the brand’s products to continue to gain relevance through a rapidly evolving travel landscape. The new normal is here and Samsara’s products address the needs of a global audience that is constantly in motion.

About Samsara Luggage:

Samsara Luggage, Inc. (OTC: SAML) (OTC: SAMLD) is a global smart luggage and smart travel brand with a deep belief in creating a world where travel isn’t a hassle, but rather an effortless experience. By combining smart features, including IoT technology, innovative design and quality materials, Samsara is dedicated to transforming the travel industry with its products. Samsara Luggage unveiled its Next Generation smart carry-on at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Next Generation is the first to market a Wi-Fi Hotspot technology for travelers to access a secured network globally.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic Samsara Luggage launched the Smart Weekender Nano Bag, an overnight travel bag treated with a layer of bacteriostatic nanotechnology protection that prevents colonies of bacteria from developing on the fabric. Samsara Luggage also launched Essentials by Samsara, a safety kit providing commuters with a new layer of safety with protective items like facemasks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and alcohol wipes. These kits are sold individually and gifted to customers with purchase of the Carry-on Aluminum suitcase or Smart Weekender bag.

In the last quarter of 2020, Samsara launched Sarah & Sam Fashion and Lifestyle Collection. Sarah & Sam is a part of Samsara Direct business model prompted by the travel limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic, leveraging the company’s established digital assets and manufacturing and fulfillment supply chain capabilities to offer additional consumer products that respond to the changing needs of the market.

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