The Best Ways to Travel from Denver to Vail

From Denver to Vail: 5 Best Ways to Get There | PlanetWare

Vail, a Bavarian-style mountain community located just off I-70 is just under 100 miles away from Denver. There are many ways to get from Colorado’s capital city to this popular ski resort. 

Vail is served by the Eagle County Regional Airport. However, it’s located about 35 minutes west in Gypsum. There are 14 direct flights to Vail from American Airlines in winter. In summer, however, only Denver and Dallas have flights.

Flights are also more expensive. Many travelers choose to fly to Denver International Airport, then travel by air to Vail. We will suggest to you to take a private Denver to vail car service from DIA Airport.

It takes just under two hours to drive from Denver to Vail via I-70. This depends on traffic and weather. During ski season, the latter can be very heavy on weekends. Winter driving conditions can be very intense between Denver and Vail. Major storms are possible through April. Snow typically begins to fall in the region in November.

Winter weather can bring whiteout conditions and slippery roads. I-70 could also be closed due to accidents and blizzard conditions. For more information on winter driving, see the Denver to Vail By Car section.

Private Limo Transfer from Denver to Vail

Book a private limousine service Denver co to your Vail hotel for VIP service. They will meet you at the airport, help you load your bags, then drive you up the mountain in a luxurious SUV or limousine. This reduces stress levels. You won’t be required to share the ride with anyone in your group and can also listen to music via Bluetooth while you drive.

Colorado residents are all the drivers. Passengers are welcome to ask questions about Colorado. A selection of beverages and snacks will be available for you to enjoy during your ride. You can ask for a restroom break if you need it.

Shuttle from Denver to Vail

If you don’t have the time or desire to drive but still want to save money, offers a shuttle service. This company offers daily shuttle transfers between DIA and all Vail area hotels or resorts in small vans. These shuttles can accommodate up to 10 passengers and leave frequently in either direction.

It takes approximately two hours to complete the trip. Although the vans are comfortable, it can take slightly longer to get there, depending on where you drop off.

Car from Denver to Vail

Vail parking is quite expensive. If you’re not staying in Eagle or Edwards, driving to Vail can be more convenient than using one of these shuttle options.

Vail Village is car-free so you will need to park at your hotel or in a lot. You can also use the free public transportation system that runs between East and West Vail and Vail Village. The buses will stop at your hotel or at your destination.

Driving a car is a good idea if you’re staying in an outlying town or want to explore beyond Vail.

Depending on where you are starting from, rental cars can be rented at Denver International Airport and other locations around the city. It is approximately 100 miles. The drive takes you westbound on I-70. You can see Vail from the left side of I-70 as you cross Vail Pass. Except for traffic or weather conditions, it takes less than 2 hours.

Buses from Denver to Vail

Public transportation using the Bustang system of Colorado Department of Transportation is the cheapest way to travel between Denver and Vail. This option is only $17 per way.

You can take the CDOT West Line bus from Union Station in Denver to get to Vail Transportation Center. It departs twice daily at 7.40am and 5.40pm. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete the trip. You can either walk or take the Vail bus for free to get to your hotel. You may need to book Uber or Lyft to get to your resort or hotel from the bus stop if you’re staying further out.

Fly from Denver to Vail

Fly between Denver International Airport (DIA), and Eagle Country Regional Airport. This is approximately 35 minutes west from Vail. American Airlines offers direct flights. These direct flights are available in winter between Eagle and 14 cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas.

In summer, however there are no direct flights between Eagle-Vail, Dallas and Denver. In the fall and spring swing season, American reduces the flight options to Denver, although you can still connect from Denver.

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