Top 5 Places To Visit In Oslo

5 Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Oslo In Norway

Green hills and mountains surround Oslo; it is located in the Skagerrak Strait. There are so many places you can visit in Oslo for your holiday, and also, there are various outdoor and indoor activities available. Skiing in the winter and cruising on the Oslofjord in the summer are two of Oslo’s most popular outdoor activities.

Oslo, Norway’s capital, offers world-class museums and art galleries for those who prefer to spend their time indoors. Everyone can find something to do in Oslo, whether they like indoors or outdoors. You can visit to read about various things you can do in Oslo. Here are five top places you should visit in Oslo.

  1. Holmenkollen Ski Museum

Both downhill and cross-country skiers from Norway are world-class athletes. Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower is a great place to learn about skiing. This unique museum, located inside the Olympic ski jump, offers visitors the opportunity to learn about skiing’s 4,000-year history. Visitors to the ski jump tower will enjoy breathtaking views of Oslo as they ascend. Non-racers will have to use a simulator to experience whizzing down the modern ski jump used for competitions every winter. You should see Momondo for a better travel experience through Holmenkollen and other places you will love to visit on this list in Oslo.

  1. The park of Vigeland

There are over 200 sculptures in Vigeland Park, all created by Gustav Vigeland. It’s the world’s most extensive collection of sculptures created by a single artist, who also designed the park in the mid-20th century, in this case, a French artist. Nude people in various poses are depicted in lifelike detail in the statues, some sexual. In general, most of the sculptures are divided into five sections: The Wheel of Life, The Fountains, The Main Gate, The Monolith Plateau, and The Bridge with Children’s Playgrounds. Oslo’s Vigeland Park is one of the city’s most visited attractions.

  1. Museum of the Viking ship

The Viking Ship Museum on the Bygdy peninsula has a collection of accurate Viking ships that you can explore. Oslo tourists flock to the cape because it is home to some of the best museums in the city.

The Viking Ship Museum has three impressive ships on display due to Viking Ship Burials (when a ship is used as the container for burying the dead, usually a rich or noble person).

Other artifacts include sleds, horse carts, and grave treasures. You’ll even find human remains that were buried with the ships, which is fascinating, and an impressive video projection gives you a glimpse of Viking life and explains how the ships were buried.

  1. Fram museum

One of Oslo’s most famous attractions is the Fram museum. It is also located on the Bygdy peninsula and within walking distance of the Viking Ship Museum. As the name implies, this museum portrays the story of Norway’s arctic exploration.

The Fram, Norway’s original and most famous polar exploration ship, is the museum’s main exhibit. Visitors can board the boat and explore the decks, cabins, and engine rooms in the museum.

In addition, you’ll find clothing and equipment used by the teams and learn about the treacherous conditions they face during their expeditions. There is a fake ice cave on the first floor that you should not miss when visiting there.

  1. Oslo opera house

One of Oslo’s most popular attractions is the opera house’s unique design which allows you to walk up to the roof.

Norway’s government invited various people to submit their ideas for a design competition. There are about 350 designs submissions, but the competition winner was selected based on an iceberg concept. This artist’s vision is that humans walking around the roof represent a penguin walking around an iceberg.

But if you don’t like heights and want to stay inside, the 49ft high windows provide a great vantage point from the inside.