Transit travel bubble at Suvarnabhumi airport

BANGKOK, 5 March 2021: Transit passengers can now connect
with flights serving Suvarnabhumi airport in an isolated bubble, according to
the latest notification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

 Conditions for
Aircraft Permission to Enter Thailand (No 5), for aircraft operating the
international flight with transit/transfer passengers, came into force 1 March

CAAT’s basic guidelines

International flights with transit/transfer passengers are
permitted only at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Each passenger shall possess the complete set of the relevant documents, which are:

  • Fit to fly health certificate
  • Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating a negative Covid-19 result (RT-PCR technique and issued no more than 72 hours before travelling)
  • Travel health insurance with cover of at least USD100,000.
  • The airline must verify all the documents before giving the passenger the boarding pass for the onward flight.

Transit passenger cannot go outside of the specified area (Concourse E) and must transfer to their aircraft on a “Sealed Route” to selected sanitised and isolated gates.

Physical distancing is required of all transit passengers,
including wearing a mask, and dedicated snack services are in place at the
terminal holding lounges assigned to a flight’s transit passengers.

The passenger is quarantined from other passengers
throughout the transfer from the inbound flight to the connecting flight
serving a third destination.

Personnel working in the waiting areas for transit/transfer
operations wear  Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE).

There are no Covid-19 screening or laboratory service at the
transit and transfer area in the airport.

(Source: CAAT)