Travel Tech USA & Canada, from March 8-12, 2021

Travel Tech, the world’s largest education-based travel technology conference series, is proud to announce its first event of the 2021 schedule: Travel Tech USA & Canada, taking place online from March 8-12, 2021. Travel Tech USA & Canada is brought to you by HS LATAM – supported by JLNPR, Revenue Hub and with the support of Knowledge Partner, ehotelier – and will feature expert speakers from top travel technology companies, including Expedia Group, Amadeus, Lybra, ReviewPro, The Hotels Network, Infor, BookOnlineNow, BuyZy, Asksuite, eRevMax, YieldPlanet, Amelia, HiJiffy, RM Academy, Hub OS, and many others.

Hotels can register for free for the event at

Travel Tech was founded as a passion project by HS LATAM – developer of state-of-the-art online distribution and competitor analysis solutions – at the beginning of the pandemic, to educate hotels about the importance of operational technology in supporting their current survival and, more importantly, to set hotels up for future success. Today, Travel Tech has partnered with other leading hospitality companies to expand the conference series globally and support even more hoteliers worldwide – including our first-ever North American event, on March 8-12, 2021, which will provide hoteliers in the US and Canada with region-specific educational resources and actionable strategies to move, more quickly, toward recovery.

North American hotels are facing a much more complex marketplace than many other regions, given the stringent lockdowns in Canada and the huge variations in pandemic response and regulation in different US states. For both countries, international travel has become almost impossible, due to border closures and governmental restrictions, so hotels can only rely on domestic travelers, even further shrinking the already depressed demand caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) “State of the Hotel Industry 2021” report, “half of U.S. hotel rooms are projected to remain empty in 2021;” the report concluded that “the impact of COVID-19 on the [American] travel industry so far has been nine times that of 9/11.” The Canadian hospitality industry has also been hit very hard by the pandemic; according to a Statistics Canada release, “[t]he number of travellers to Canada from both the United States and overseas countries was down 92.9% in November [2020], compared with November 2019,” which obviously has had a significantly negative impact on Canadian hotels.

“As vaccines are becoming more readily available worldwide, travelers are starting to plan their “revenge travel” trips and hotels need to take advantage of this slower period to prepare for the deluge of travelers that will come when borders open up again,” said Vinicius Geraldo, CEO & Founder of Travel Tech. “As many hotels are currently operating with smaller staff and lower budgets, struggling to maintain guest satisfaction, technology is the best way to remain competitive, ensure a positive guest experience and move towards profitability. During Travel Tech USA & Canada, our industry experts will educate North American hoteliers about the different types of technology – and the recovery strategies – that can be leveraged to set themselves up for success, once borders open up and travel resumes, making attending this event an operational imperative for savvy hoteliers.”

The Travel Tech USA & Canada conference is comprised of a daily Masterclass, a two-hour panel discussion featuring top tech executives on a specific topic, specifically related to North American tourism, each day. Masterclass session topics include:

  • March 8, 2021, 12pm EST – DIGITAL MARKETING: Who is the post-COVID guest and how does the online booking journey need to change to suit their needs?
  • March 9, 2021, 12pm EST- AI & GUEST COMMUNICATIONS: How can AI technologies improve your guest’s travel experience, before, during & after your stay?
  • March 10, 2021, 12pm EST – REVENUE MANAGEMENT: What new RM strategies will help hotels reach financial recovery more quickly?
  • March 11, 2021, 12pm EST – OPERATIONS + TECH TRENDS: How can data help improve day-to-day operations?
  • March 12, 2021, 12pm EST – ONLINE SALES & DISTRIBUTION: What strategies should hoteliers use to manage both direct and indirect sales more effectively, now and post-COVID?

After each day’s Masterclass, hoteliers will have the chance to learn about the top technological solutions available to improve their operational processes and increase bookings and revenue, during the 25-minute, live-streamed Pitch Sessions. In the Pitch Sessions, leading hospitality technology companies will teach hoteliers how implementing their solutions could help them to reach profitability more quickly, and answer all of hotels’ questions.

All hoteliers who attend the Masterclasses will receive a Certificate of Excellence from Travel Tech, to recognize the knowledge and expertise that they’ve been the recipient of during the 5 days of the event – an important recognition to add to your CV/resume or to share on your LinkedIn.

All hotels and/or travel technology companies are invited to attend the Travel Tech USA & Canada online conference, from March 8-12, 2021, to learn more about the benefits of investing in operational technology now, to establish a foundation for a stronger financial future tomorrow.

Register for all five days of the Travel Tech USA & Canada conference, plus the Pitch Sessions, for FREE, at Spots are limited so register today!

To learn more about the upcoming Travel Tech USA & Canada conference, to obtain a media pass or for an interview with the event organizers, please contact Jennifer Nagy, CMO of Travel Tech, at any time: [email protected] or +1.786.420.1160.