What Are the Best Penang Temples You Should See?

Penang Malaysia is famous for its historic buildings and places of worship that are gracefully designed like Chinese and Hindu temples. These temples do highlight Penang’s rich cultural heritage. If you want to visit temples in Penang Malaysia, you will be spoiled for choice. You would think that you should spend more time in Penang sentral to visit them all. One right place to start is in Georgetown, the capital of Penang, Malaysia. You can find the best temples here without leaving Georgetown. The capital city of Penang offers several temples that are easily accessible from the city center. You can find many types of temples that are not far from each other.

For starters, you can start your Penang temple visit by going to Dhammikarama Burma Temple on Burmah Lane. This Burma Temple is the first Buddhist temple ever built in Penang. This Penang Temple was built in 1803. Traditional Burmese architecture from this temple, with its dominating golden motif, will surely amaze you. In the main building of this temple, you will find the Sima Temple House which contains a marble statue of a very large and beautiful 200-year-old sitting Buddha in gold. This is a photo taking the opportunity that you can’t miss! As for you can use the causeway link to get there.

If you happen to be in Little India, you should try the Sri Mahamariamman Temple on Queen Street. This Penang Temple is the oldest Hindu temple ever built in Penang. A critical feature of this Penang temple is that you can immediately see intricately carved wall towers that are influenced by South Indian architectural styles. When you step into this Penang temple, don’t miss seeing the statue of Dewa Subramaniam which is rich in luxury gold, emerald, diamonds, and silver.

Have you ever thought of finding the biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia? Well, you’re lucky because Kek Lok Si Temple, at the top of Ayer Itam, is here in Penang. The 10-hectare temple has a series of luxuriously decorated prayer rooms, beautiful gardens, and monasteries. You will also be amazed when you look at the giant statue of Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy, proudly standing on the hilltop in this area of ​​Penang temple. As you move towards the center of this vast temple complex, you will find a 7-story Rama VI pagoda that is recognized as the main attraction of this Penang temple.

If you roam around Jalan Kapitan Keling Mosque in Georgetown, you will find the oldest temple in Penang. The Goddess of Mercy Temple, better known as Kuan Yin Teng, is the main Taoist temple in Penang. Although not the largest or most decorated temple in Penang, Kuan Yin Teng is the most popular among the Tao community here. The ancient stone carvings and stained walls of this Penang temple bear witness to its uniqueness. If you visit this Penang temple on the first or fifteenth day of the Chinese lunar calendar, you will be busy with the bustle of activities in the temple area with worshipers lighting incense sticks and burning paper money.

These magnificent Penang temples are just a small example of fun places of worship that you can find in Penang as you explore this historically rich island country. Why didn’t you start your trip to the best Penang temples now? for more information contact cs travel.