What jobs may flounder or flourish post-pandemic

(WQOW) – Many places have opened their doors again, but economists believe not every job may be able to bounce back after the pandemic.

According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, about two-thirds of unemployed U.S. adults thought seriously about changing fields or occupations since becoming unemployed.

UW-Stout Assistant Professor of Economics Zach Raff said some companies plan to have employees work from home even post-pandemic.

With fewer people working in offices, not as many folks would be traveling for business, so Raff said we should expect decreases in employment in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries.

However, he said jobs like construction may continue to do well post-pandemic, along with a few others.

“Cybersecurity, jobs that are dealing with computers, those sort of things are going to take off,” Raff said. “So in this area manufacturing is large. ¬†Food processing is large industry in Wisconsin and what we’re actually seeing in the numbers are an increase in those jobs from this point last year.”

Raff also believes a federal COVID relief package should include funding for training programs to help people be qualified in an evolving labor market.