Top 3 Summer Destinations In Europe

Learn about the top 3 summer destinations that you can visit in Europe that you voted for! We would like to thank every participant, all 320,793 voters that made a choice and had an overall influence over the results.

1. Wroclaw – Poland

Wroclaw was awarded the title “European Best Destination 2019”

This is a stunning city which goes by the name of “Polish Venice” is surrounded by several canals and dotted by over 120 bridges which link to 12 magnificent islands. One of these includes the Cathedral island.

Wroclaw has an incredible charm which will keep you captivated, from the Market Square known as “Rynek”, the 2 Town Halls, the Flower Market, the Salt Market Square, the stunning University, the stunning and intricate architecture that Centennial Hall has to offer, the Botanical garden, to a covered market.

If you are looking for a great place for lunch. Take a much-deserved trip to “Piwnica Swidnicka”, which happens to be the oldest eatery across the globe. You should also take a stroll around “Ostrów Tumski”, which makes up the oldest area of Wroclaw where you will be mesmerized by this historical city.

You should also take special note of the emblematic dwarves that dot Wroclaw. Each one is different. If possible see if you can find all of them. There are 350 in total in this city and new ones are added every year. You are also able to tour around Wroclaw by boat or take a tour of the city in an electric car.

The inhabitants are probably the best part of Wroclaw. They are friendly and warm and love sharing about the hidden gems that this city has to offer.

2. Bilbao – Spain

With 39,845 votes, this city comes in second place as the best summer destination and a top of bucket lists for many travellers of Going luxury. This destination is truly amazing, and the atmosphere that this city has to offer cannot be described or captured by words or pictures. Bilbao is constantly undergoing changes, and open and evolutive to other countries across the globe. Unlike most of the cities across Europe, Bilbao attracts families with both children and their grandchildren. It is the perfect destination to enjoy evening strolls through the alleys and streets of the “Casco Viejo”, which is the historical centre of Bilbao.

Bilboa, similar to Bordeaux and Porto (awarded the best European destination in 2015 and 2017) is linked to both the sea and to a River. The wines are delicate while the gastronomy is luxurious.

To derive the most from your trip in Bilbao make sure you visit the main museums like The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum or the Guggenheim, along with the stunning landscapes of the Rioja wine region. If you are a lover of tourism that is sustainable we suggest visiting the County of Goierri, which is famous for its local “Idiazabal cheese”. You can also get a taste for the popular cuisine from Basque Country once you have completed a visit to the Guggenheim museum which is available through the Guggenheim & Gourmet Pintxos Tour.

This city is also surrounded by several medieval towns such as Orduna and Balmaseda. You should also pay a visit to the Basque coast, which is a short 30 minute trip from the city centre.

Bilboa is a meeting point for Basque County and the world. Make sure you reserve your trip to Bilbao now along with popular activities like Basque cooking lessons along with an enjoyable stay in the renowned Basque county. We also suggest visiting San Sebastion which is an hour drive away from Bilbao.

3. Athens – Greece

With 19,424 votes, Athens is similar to Milan as one of the unmissable destinations. It continues to remain in the top 10 destinations years after year and attracts European travellers that would like to know more about their roots along with other travellers from across the world.

This is a historical city that is often described as the “cradle of European philosophy”. Athens has a rich and diverse history while still focusing on tomorrow’s economic and cultural issues. Travellers really enjoy the architecture, the Plaka district, gastronomy, monuments, trendy shops along with a vibey nightlife. This city is also enjoyed for its convenient location to the beach.

Many travellers really enjoy the residents in Athens who are happy to share their touristic and gastronomical treasures. Book your hotel and flights at the best prices along with the top-rated activities in and around Athens like a full-day trip to the Meteora by train.